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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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in the country. new video in from puerto rico shows streets blocked by downed trees and power lines. the mayor of san juan says people could be without power for up to six months. maria is the most powerful storm to hit puerto rico. >> spoourt rico was absolutely obliterated. they got hit with winds, they say they've never seen winds like this anywhere. >> president trump told reporters that he'll visit puerto rico. the philadelphia area has a large puerto rican population. many of you have loved ones stuck on that island right now. >> we have live team coverage at 4:00. tammy souza is following the storm's track and where it's headed next. >> but let's begin with aaron
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baskerville. not one person you spoke with has been able to get in touch with a relative so far? >> reporter: that's correct. we literally talked to dozen z and dozens of people. nobody has been able to get contact with anybody in puerto rico. right now this is what you're going to see in this area. certainly a lot of pride over here. a lot of these pop-up stands coming because of the puerto rican parade that will happen this weekend. a lot of folks gathering here. you're looking at freddy's tony's restaurant. customers and workers in there. also having lots of trouble. everybody today sharing stories of what they're going through. >> i've been texted. i've been calling. no answer. >> reporter: day two of no communication for henry rios. his stand now buzzing in kensington with nervous customers. >> i've been trying to call them, text them, nothing back. there's no lines.
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>> reporter: everyone we talked to in search of ways to reach relatives in puerto rico. >> when something like this happens, you don't know what's going to be the outcome. we pray to god it can be the best. >> horrible. we're not able to get to anybody at all. >> reporter: with images of the devastation looking more severe and electricity gone for the entire island, susan ortiz is a ball of nerves. she has more than 20 relatives there and not one text or phone call or social media comment saying they're okay since yesterday morning before the hurricane. >> like at 8:30 in the morning, that was the last time we spoke to anyone in the family. >> reporter: it's just one of the many gathering locations for families on edge after maria. the names change, but the stories are similar. they need just that one second of relief. >> i'm very hurt right now. i don't know about my mom. i don't know about my brother, my sister.
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the last thing i heard is that she was very scared and that her window was going to come out. >> reporter: you heard her right there. that's jez ka perez. her mother, brother, sister all in puerto rico. she has not talked to them since that storm made landfall. we'll have more on her story coming up at 6:00. and just minutes before we came live, there were folks out here talking to us about how can you help us, how can you help us. i haven't talked to my loved ones in puerto rico. so the struggle continues to be real. nbc 10 news. >> maria is still a major storm churning out in the atlantic. >> let's g to chief meteorologist tammy souza. where is this hurricane headed next? >> it is headed to the turks and caicos. the eye has reappeared all though it's wobbling a bit. the storm has reintensified. it's now pulling away from parts of the dominican republic and haiti. they are getting battered with
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hurricane-force winds but it is staying off shore and is headed towards the turks and caicos. so with the category 3 storm right now, 120 mile-an-hour winds. it only needs to up another 9 miles an hour to become a category 4 once again and it's headed toward a very, very warm pool of water out there. it's moving to the northwest at 9 miles an hour. let's watch the track. by friday it's already past the turks and caicos. it should steer clear if the cone is true of the bahamas. also right between bermuda and the mainland by sunday. it's downgraded to a category 2 and then category 1 when it is between bermuda and perhaps norfolk there. and look what happens. look at the spaghetti models. although the cone is away from us, it can shift at any time. the majority of the models keep it out to sea. a few of them want to bring it
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inland. we'll keep an eye on this for the mid part of next week. but until then we'll deal with a bit of high surf that will continue to build creating dangerous conditions along the shoreline for us from about sunday through the middle part of next week. guys, back to you. >> and there are so many hurricanes out there right now, many people asking why so many so far this season? tammie breaks down the science in her blog that's right now on the nbc 10 app. three days in and the desperate search for survivors of the mexico city earthquake continues. >> rescue workers racing to save children at their school. here's a look at the rescue attempts happening right now in that city. so far 50 people have been saved. officials vow they will not give up. erin coleman joins us with brand new details on the search for survivors. >> reporter: in the past few minutes, we learned 19 children are now confirmed dead at a
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school that collapsed. 11 have been rescued. right now they're focusing on five children thought to be alive still trapped in the rubble. a first responder in texting them. she has been wiggling her fingers in response to calls from rescuers. they say they're getting close but must shore up the ground so it doesn't collapse again. the children are getting water and chocolate passed to them through tiny openings. relatives complained they aren't getting updates about their loved ones. the quake has already killed 245 people. thousands have been injured. thousands more left homeless. the names of the dead and missing are being posted on trees in the city. right now a u.s. disaster team is in mexico city working with local authorities there. today president trump reached out to mexican president nieto
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offering assistance. it is a waiting game at rescuers inch closer and closer to the trapped children. we'll keep you updated. erin coleman, nbc 10 news. and the mission is delicate but delicate for first responders searching for survivors. at 5:00, cydney long spoke about the task at hand to save lives. 20 minutes of non-stop news continues with a jewelry store robber busted. he is headed to court to face a judge. he says police have the wrong guy. we spoke with that suspect. we're joined from radner township with more on what he had to say. >> reporter: the alleged victim sat in a box less than five feet from joseph taylor. he said no question that is the guy who held up the store in august. however, taylor tells me police got the wrong man.
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what do you want to say? did you do it? >> the judge was -- gave me a bail because i deserve it. >> reporter: bail was granted for him but he's headed back to philadelphia because of a previous felony conviction and charges from other countries. so that bail likely won't be posted soon. police say this armed man wearing a fedora inside the bernie robbins jewelry store is taylor. the store manager testified despite seeing the large silver gun, he remained calm and allowed taylor to steal nine rolex watches. >> it's a jewish holiday but it's an important day for us. it's important for me to be here and make sure this doesn't happen again. and if it takes him off the streets, we did our part. >> reporter: he said he was asked his name and he said, quote, joe. yo joe. >> i'm not guilty of a crime, right? i never even pointed the weapon
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at him. >> reporter: did you have a weapon? >> allegedly. >> reporter: now, also in court today, the judge held the charges over for trial here. so will be stillac those armed robbery charges. stolen $100,000 in rolex watches. police still on the hunt for them. however, they credit the work of philadelphia police, the fbi, and police here in redder in for being able to arrest taylor so quickly. nbc 10 news. president trump is winding down his meetings at the united nations today. his focus, the threat of north korea and the future of afghanistan. the president announced he signed an executive order authorizing more sanctions against north korea in an effort to have that country halt its nuclear weapons program. he did so during a meeting with japan's prime minister and the president of south korea. >> for much too long, north korea has been allowed to abuse
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the international financial system to facilitate funding for its nuclear weapons and missile programs. >> today's announcement comes days after president trump threat pd to totally destroy north korea if forced to defend the u.s. or its allies. meanwhile, the meeting with the president of afghanistan. he praised efforts to drive the taliban and other terror groups out of afghanistan. the afghan president praised many trump's recent decision to send more u.s. troops to his country. a philadelphia city councilman is taking aim at gun violence. councilman johnson today introduced legislation that would declare gun violence a public health epidemic in philadelphia. the committee works to strategize ways to combat violent crime in philadelphia. the race to find 50 votes for a new health care bill is on. >> majority leader mitch
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mcconnell making plans to bring it to the floor before the end of the month. the new gop health care bill sponsored by bill cassidy and senator lindsey graham. the plan allowed states to opt out of coverage for pre-existing conditions. it also eliminates that individual mandate to buy coverage. right now with the current vote count, it is possible the bill could pass the senate next week. nbc 10's lauren mayk heard from senators on both sides of the aisle about where the bill currently stands. >> reporter: in philadelphia and delaware today, lawmakers warned this bill -- what this bill could do to patients. pat toomey is warning about the dangers of doing nothing. he is holding out on saying if he's a yes vote. republicans about to give another health care bill another try while democrats push back. >> once again this coming week, we will have a roller coaster moment. >> reporter: and the gop looks for votes on the graham/cassidy
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bill that would push more health care responsibility to the states converting into block grants. getting rid of subsidies and no longer requiring anyone buy it. >> they were public majority in the senate. will succeed or fail in passing a republican-only bill that will dramatically restructure in america. >> reporter: i sat down with pat toomey. does it have your support? >> still evaluating the bill. >> reporter: toomey played a key role in a previous effort to repeal and replace obamacare but hasn't given a yes to this one. >> i hope i can get there. because the fact is obamacare in my view is a clear ur republica only afford to lose two votes. toomey isn't among those considered at risk. what is it you still have questions about? >> the effects, for instance, the ability ofta to be able toh care.
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but how well it will actually work is an important question. >> reporter: now, although senator toomey told me he was still evaluating, he also defended that bill from criticism. the blue cross blue shield association said it would make coverage more expensive. he said that's not clear. when senator toomey returns to washington next week, he will be a key voice on writing a tax reform bill. and coming up at 5:30, what he says about who could pay less and the deduction you could lose. >> lauren mayk live for us in studio. thank you. delaware county announced the next major offensive on its battle on opioid addiction. saying drug makers are making billions of dollars on the deaths of our loved ones. the lawsuit targets 11 suppliers and their doctors. attorneys general in 41 states including pennsylvania announced a major expansion of
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investigations of manufacturers and distributors of prescription opioids. cvs is helping combat the opioid epidemic. pharmacists will contact if they see prescriptions written for more than that's necessary. the retailer will also limit prescriptions to a one-week supply for new patient who is have short-term acute problems. the changes are expected by february. there are new developments in the massive data breach of the credit rating agency equifax. according to a new report, hackers broke into equifax's computer systems in march. equifax has previously said the attack on its systems started in may. the breach at equifax allowed hackers to gain access to the data of 143 million people. meanwhile, equifax's twitter account on sunday accidentally misdirected concerned victims to a fake website. instead of offering help, the
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site mocked equifax's handling of the situation. the securities and exchange commission is revealing it fell victim to a hack. the s.e.c. says hackers breached its online filing system and may have used the information to make illegal trades. they detected thatreach last year but didn't learn last month it could be used to give inside information on individual companies. new jersey native and nba hall of famer shaquille o'neal is backing phil murphy in the garden state's governor race. murphy's campaign says shaq will endorse the democrat on monday. o'neil previously backed chris christie in christie's 2013 re-election build. bill murphy faces off against -- in the race to replace chris christie. today jews around the world are celebrating rosh hashanah
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the jewish new year. rosh hashanah marks the begin og they have holy days. during the holiday traditional meats and apples and honey are popular. south korea unveiled the medals the world's top athletes will compete for in the 2018 winter olympics. here they are. the gold, silver, bronze medals. the head of the organizing committee said designs were inspired by the korean alphabet. along the edge of the medals are the words winter olympics. nbc 10 is the home of the winter games. live coverage begins in february right here on nbc 10. breaking news, aaron hernandez's lawyer says the former new england patriot's brain showed signs of cte. cte can be caused by repeated
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head trauma and leads to things like violence, mood swings, depression, and other cognitive difficulties. hernandez killed himself in april in the jail cell where he was serving a life sentence for murder. let's turn our sights to the weather now. a tenth patient from a florida nursing home has died more than two weeks after the arrival of hurricane irma. police made that announcement today. the nursing home lost its air conditioning during the storm. the ninth tied tuesday. the state has suspended the facility's license when authorities decide whether to file charnls. the group also lent a hand in repair projects. they then took an aerial tour of the damage in houston. the big storm brewing in the atlantic right now is maria. that category 3 hurricane is headed for the turks and caicos.
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let's go back to tammie souza with more on that track. >> it's a very powerful storm. this one actually had a more intensity than irma did even though it's smaller in size. it still has this eye. so it is still very strong. once a storm has an eye, clear center, then it starts to intensify. this could become a 4 before it makes that turn around the big ridge of high pressure known as the bermuda high. but you can see it's moving in a northwest fashion and it is going to be headed right through the turks and caicos in this area. and then it should make that turn. if it doesn't make that hard turn, everybody on the east coast of the u.s. is going to start to sweat a little bit more. because this is a destructive storm. just 9 miles an hour more. and it'll be up to a category 4. let's look at what's happening here at home. we'll feel the effects of this at the beaches.
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we're going to see this increasing now. jose is parked off the shoreline. then we'll see maria coming near the east coast moving northward and it's going to push in huge swells by the time we get into the second half of the weekend and next week. 80 right now is avalon. and the feels like is 83. so it kind of feels sticky out there. summer's hanging on. today's the last day of summer. tomorrow fall starts at 4:02 in the afternoon. it's 87 in philadelphia. feels like 87 with calm winds. let's go to wilmington where it's 88. it feels like 88. so we're going to have a very summerlike weekend. your wakeup weather tomorrow will be a balmy night, 69 in philadelphia. by 11:00 a.m., up to 77. 61 in lehigh valley. we're going to warm quickly. 65 in delaware. 66 along the jersey shore all into the mid ooh 70s by the time
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you get into the pre-noon hour. as the beam sweeps the sky, nothing going on across the area. but high thin clouds are beginning to drift in. again, this is jose. tropical storm just sitting here. it's basically parked out here in the atlantic. has nowhere to go. at this point we'll watch for anything to nudge it to the north and east. watch what happens with the track. i'll even put in the rain so you getidea. it sort of just circles on itself and becomes a remnant low. so here's your hour-by-hour forecast. look at this. we're going to be very warm week end. on as we'll look at the mid to upper 80s. we should be 76 this time of year. and if you're going out to the eagles game on sunday, 88
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degrees. wear comfortable clothes, sun screen, and hydrate. because it is going to feel every bit like summer, not fall. i'll have your ten day on ten coming up in a few minutes. >> age is just a number for a recent high school graduate. >> the continues to follow her dreams at 96 years old. still ahead at 4 k, how this super senior is getting on the job experience by helping others. and baby blues for the president's daughter. the one thing that ivanka trump says surprised her the most about battling postpartum depression. plus this -- >> all they had to say was there was an incident. >> an autistic student's attacked on his school bus. why his mother said the district left her in the dark. that's next. but first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. all three indexes down, unfortunately. we'll be right back. fran grenier.
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new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet. that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way.
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fran grenier.
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a youth football team near st. louis is gaining attention for kneeling during the national anthem. the team is made up of mostly 8-year-olds. they took a knee for the anthem before their game. it was in response to the unrest in st. louis after a white officer was acquitted in the shooting death of a black man. it was inspired by the actions of colin kaepernick and others in the nfl. kaepernick made headlines last year when he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice. other nfl players including malcolm jenkins have since followed kaepernick's lead. jenkins has been raising his fist over his head during the anthem before games this season. a michigan mother is
4:26 pm
demanding answers after her son who has autism was attacked by another child with special needs on a school bus. take a look. school bus video captured the attack just as the bus monitor removed the other child's restraints. the boy jumps across the seat and attacks the boy. minutes later cal got off the bus with scratches on his face but no one mentioned the incident to his parents. >> all they had to say was there was an incident. you know, we'd like you to look into it. you may want to have cal checked out. none of it. >> cal's parents believe the school and the bus company tried to cover up what happened. the district and bus company said they are investigating. and tracking maria. it's going to come awfully close to the u.s. east coast. what does it mean for us? i'll let you know straight ahead. college kids are using a
4:27 pm
unique strategy to help other student who is may have drank too much. coming up, why doctors say it could actually do more harm. unsanitary hand soap. the substance that was found inside an airport soap dispenser that's prompting an investigation. at 5:00. we just moved in about four months ago,
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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after crippling puerto rico, hurricane maria is continuing through the caribbean. >> it made landfall as a category 3 storm. the government evacuated more than 4,000 tourists from the punta cana area to the capital of santa domingo before it hit. people in puerto rico are slowly digging out. many streets are blocked by
4:31 pm
downed trees and power lines. maria is the most powerful storm to hit puerto rico in almost a century. it could take six months to restore power to the 3.5 million people who live there. nbc 10 was in north philadelphia where a man who runs a puerto rican restaurant is among those having trouble contacting loved ones in puerto rico. he finally got through to his niece on the island. she says her house was blown away. her neighborhood nearly dest >> big i haven't seen something like that. >> and philadelphi largest puer populations in the country. 8% of the city has ties to that island. maria now has its eyeand cs car. >> let's go back to chief meteorologist tammie souza with the latest on that hurricane. >> this is something that makes me nervous. that we're at the peak of hurricane season and we've
4:32 pm
already seen 13 named storms. there are two others that could pop up in the next w so. this is an active season. although we had more storms last year and the but th the u.s. and they weren't as dangerously powerful as the four we have just seen move through starting with harvey to irma to jose and now maria. the eye is north of the dominican republic. it's going to be passing north of haiti and towards the turks and caicos. so it's the turks and caicos that's going to be taking the direct hit. not all of the islands, just some of them. then it looks like they're going to make that hard turn to the north. over perhaps just east of the bahamas. and some tropical storm forced winds over the bahamas. let's look at where the track is going to be taking it at this point. it is a category 3 storm. it could get to a category 4. it's going to move over warm water. you can see by the time we get to friday, it's past the turks and caicos. it's east of the bahamas. it stays between bermuda and the u.s. mainland if the track stays
4:33 pm
on this track. but we're going to be watching this very closely. because if it edges any further to the west, we're going to be having much bigger things to be concerned about. not just the surf. but it takes it away from us. so we're going to get the big waves coming in. then look at this, into next weekend there could be another something something coming up the coastline that we're going to have to keep an eye on. again, the season is now really at its peak. so things are going to be popping quickly. guys? >> we don't want to think about anything else out there. maria's devastation is just one of two major international disasters that we're following. >> we're also following the situation in mexico city as rescue workers frantically try to save people trapped under rubble from this week's strong earthquake. all eyes are on a school in mexico city where at least five children are believed to be trapped but alive. the school house collapsed when the 7.1 magnitude quake hit on
4:34 pm
tuesday. officials tell us they received text messages from one of the children. 19 others are confirmed dead along with 6 adults. 11 children have been pulled so far from that destroyed building. "nbc nightly news" will have live team coverage of the de station in puerto rico and mexico city. right now at 4:00, a deadly college trend students are using to try to help friends who've had too much to drink. >> but it is anything but safe. and it's played a role in at least two deaths this year. investigators say friends of both mccray williams and timothy piazza put backpacks on the young men after hours of drinking. the hope was that so-called drunk packing as it's called would prevent the young men from turning onto their backs and choking on their vomit. steven fisher spoke with both students and doctors about this deadly trend.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: in some college campus circles, it's called drunk packing. they do this for a friend who may have drank too much. but doctors are saying this is not a safe option. drunk packing is when you put a backpack on a trunk person before they go to sleep to keep them from rolling on their back, throwing up and drowning in their own vomit. today we went to temple to talk to students about this controversial method. >> i think it's smart to come up with something like that. >> it's very innovative. it's different. and i think if it comes down to that, you don't want to get in trouble, then do what you have to do. >> reporter: most students we talked to mentioned the word trouble. saying many will do anything to keep from getting in it. >> no one likes that feeling of being guilty or having something bad happen to a friend. and so i think, yeah, there's definitely that fear of getting in trouble. >> reporter: others on campus said they have no problem calling 911 if someone needed help. especially with the amnesty
4:36 pm
policy where students who call for help avoid legal trouble. >> sometimes you get in situations and stuff gets a little too real too quickly. you know, you need to reach out for help and it's good that the people do actually take the amnesty policy seriously. >> reporter: for a professional opinion on drunk packing, we stopped by the hospital. >> putting a backpack on somebody and hoping the best is the wrong answer. >> reporter: people can throw up and choke no matter what position they're in. >> i think it's dangerous. if the person is that bad that you're thinking about doing this to them, they probably need medical attention. because aspiration can occur whether you're on your back, on your side, on your face. >> reporter: stephen fisher, nbc 10 news. >> you can read more about the deadly trend known as drunk packing right now on the nbc 10 app. here's a look at other stories we're following. a bucks county intersection closed by a serious crash early this morning is back open this
4:37 pm
afternoon. sky force 10 was over the area shortly before 6:00 a.m. four people were taken to the hospital. we're still working to find out just how serious their injuries were. a delaware county group making a push to stop a controversial pipeline project. the andover homeowners association filed a motion in court to end work on the sue kn sunoco pipeline. residents of environmental concerns about the 35 would bring natural gas liquids from western pennsylvania to delaware county. in salem county, police brighten the day of aal visit to boy battling cancer. members of the little silver police depar elmer to visit benjami graham. aggressive form of neuroroneur a
4:38 pm
neuroblastoma. >> good for them. crippled with postpartum depression not once but three times. >> it was very -- it was a very challenging, emotional time for me. >> still ahead at 4:00, the one thing that surprised ivanka trump the most about battling the baby blues. plus this -- lawsuit dropped. her son was shot in the head and killed by a philly cop. ahead at 5:00, why she changed her mind about suing the department.
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this afternoon we have a look at a new alarm system designed to save children left in hot cars. listen. it goes off when it picks up any sound, movement or or even a pulse inside a locked car. an inventor in texas made it
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after seeing stories of kids being left in hot cars. he has a patent. and weekend warm-up. yeah, i am tracking summerlike temperatures for our first weekend of the fall. come on back. i'll have the breakdown for your neighborhood. get out! >> ahead at 5:00, burning car rescue. how officers saved the people inside a car when it crashes into concrete and the door jammed.
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a scare in the stands at last night's yankees game is renewing calls to extend the safety netting. >> take a look at this. the crowd gasped after seeing a 105 mile-an-hour fly ball fly into the stands and hit a
4:46 pm
2-year-old girl. hitter todd frazier was visibly upset. you see him there clutching his bat. the girl was taken to the hospital. luckily she's expected to be okay. very scary though. the phillies are one of a few teams, by the way, that have complied with the mandate from major league baseball to move safety nets to the far ends of each dugout. as you can see from this one, already paid off. keeping that bat from flying into the crowd. let's take a live look south hi king o the hear how thefans are responding p ivanka is opening up about her experience with postpartum depression in a new interview. >> it was very -- it was a very challenging, emotional time for me. because i felt like i was not living up to my potential as a
4:47 pm
parent. >> the comments come in an interview on "the dr. oz show." she says with each of her three children, she had some level of postpartum depression and it was more challenging because she enjoyed three easy pregnancies. her sister-in-law tweeted, bravo. your courage speaking out about postpartum depression will undoubtedly help many moms. proud of you. just because barwin doesn't play for the eagles anymore, doesn't mean he's not helping. the foundation was created four years ago to improve playgrounds and parks in philadelphia. barwin can't make it tonight because he and his new team the rams are playing. but many members of the eagles are set to attend the concert. by the way, we're your home for the eagles. we're getting you set for
4:48 pm
sunday's home opener against the giants. coverage begins at 9:30 a.m. followed by eagles game plan. then join us for eagles game day final after nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm alittle ahead of myself. by the way, temperatures for that game, sunday's home opener, could be pushing 90. >> can you believe that? usually for football games i'm pulling out the uggs. it's time for the flip-flops. >> you have to stay hydrated. . the non-alcoholic stuff. dress comfortably. it is going to be a cooker at the stadium and anywhere you are outside. let's start right now with the forecast. at kickoff, 86 degrees. 89 is the expected high and that shouldn't say 787. that would be really scarscary. that would just say 87. yeah, that is a cooker. should just say 87 there for the final whistle. speaking of the cooker, this is
4:49 pm
where it's coming from. high pressure in the midwest. 90 in chicago. 92 st. louis. it was 90 in atlanta last hour. that heat so coming our way. so we are going to wind up with sunshine. storm we take a little dip. we're at 87 right now. we'll dip back down, maybe 85 degrees for tomorrow. then right back up into the upper 80s for saturday and sunday. it is going to be a very warm summerlike weekend. despite the fact that it is fall. it starts tomorrow at 4:02 in the afternoon. right now, 84 in trenton. it's 86 in allentown. wilmington, 88. dover, 85 for you. atlantic city coming in at 83 degrees with an 82 in mt. holly. this is where we're going. winds out of the north. usually that means a cooler air mass. not this time. this bubble of high pressure over us is going to keep us qu be about 82 by 7:00 tonight. 77 by 10:00 tonight. if you have evening plans out there, it's going to be very mild. now, let's take a peek ahead at
4:50 pm
your weekend. look at this. we hold onto those temperatures. we'll see 85 tomorrow in philadelphia. 80 along the jersey shore. 87 saturday in philadelphia. if you're going out to the beach, 81 on the jerseye. although the water is still dangerous because we have the swells still out there. 89 on sunday in philadelphia. and 80 at the jersey shore. so this is going to feel every bit like summer. 76 is where we should be this time of year. so a good 5 to 10, maybe 15 degrees above that in some areas. there's a look at the radar. nothing here, but there's what's eftover of was we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds. low 80s across the area. on saturday we're looking at the mid and upper 80s across the area with plenty of sunshine and maybe a few clouds drifting through on sunday. look at this. 88, 89 degrees. it's going to be very, very warm out there. guys, back to you. >> it really will. all right. next at 4:00, a super senior on
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the job. how this 96-year-old is still fulfilling dreams a recently receiving her high school diploma.
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ey is facing an epidemic fueled by opioid painkillers. vanessa: in honor of september being recovery month, we want you to know that recovery from addiction is possible, but you need to know the signs. they can be hard to spot: social withdrawal, financial problems, irritability. christie: if you see these signs occurring together or suddenly, you may have cause for concern. the signs you spot today... vanessa: ...could save a loved one tomorrow. christie: call 844 reach nj or visit oand freedoms that we have and we enjoy today.s ready. aim. fire. and it's important for us to let them know that we will never forget their service. fire. it was steve's idea to have this cemetery.
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this was supplied to the veterans, giving us a final resting place. we owe everything to steve for what he gave us here. i wanted to make sure that we just didn't say thank you to veterans, we had tangible things to show, and i think we've accomplished that. [ "taps" playing ]
4:54 pm
she is known as the graduate granny. a 96-year-old woman from salem county who received her high school diploma this summer. >> she looks good in that cap and go doesn't she? today she took her education and training to be a nurse for the day. rosemary connors with the story. >> you are an honorary nurse for today's event. >> thank you. >> reporter: leona has worn many
4:55 pm
hats in her 96 years but this one marks a smile stone. it started in august when she donned a cap and gown to celebrate graduating from high school. a life-long dream decades in the making. >> then you can call them up. >> i'll forget a lot of that. >> no. you will do fine. >> reporter: today leona known as auntie lee is helping the kids. >> i thought maybe i could help somebody. i came out of school when i was 13. i wasn't very mathy like i am now. but i never asked why i didn't go to high school. i just didn't go and that was it. i just stayed on the farm. fed chickens and all that stuff. >> after that, she raised two children. she has 12 grandchildren.
4:56 pm
plenty of practice for assisting these health screenings. the mid-atlantic states career and education center helped her land this honorary job for the day. >> i first this morning wondered if she was going to get into it. as i look around, she's really getting into it. >> i'm going to try. i hope i can do it. i hope i can. >> reporter: hope is what got leona here in the first place. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> i know she could do it. >> yes. never too late. >> no way. she's proven just that. we're working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> here's erin coleman. at this moment people are being rescued from their ofto puerto rico. at 5:00, we are taking you to the center of the aftermath for th we're se view o the damage it's a delicate but urgent mission and a race against time. >> it's a sense of satisfaction
4:57 pm
once we get to them. >> local collapse and rescue teams talk about the race to save lives in mexico c today, we spend a whole lot of time like this. so at citizens bank, we've created banking tools that fit how you're living today.
4:58 pm
from advanced atms... to online banking... to our award winning mobile app. and if you prefer face-to-face, we have that too. ask me, terry goggans, how our balance of technology and people can help you.
4:59 pm
digging through the wreckage. we're in puerto rico where people are trying to save what's left of their possessions in the wake of hurricane maria. searching for survivors. the search is on to find survivors of mexico's earthquake. local first responders are walking us through the tedious steps. and fighting to stay awake.
5:00 pm
new information about two recent commuter train crashes. were they preventable? rooftop. the reality that tens of thousands of people face in puerto rico following hurricane maria. good evening. i'm keith jones. >> and i'm erin coleman. now that ma roadwria has pulled people are assessing the damage for the first time. tonight 19 deaths are being blamed on maria. some towns have no communication with the outside world. >> the entire island's population of 3.4 million people is without power. the outages could last for months. let's get to nbc 10's drew smith. >> reporter: the devastation has settled over this island like a tattered blanket. communities and lives splintered and torn apart. >> it's really devastating.
5:01 pm
>> reporter: maria's wrath is overwhelming. ru
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